Days in Jefaira can be spent walking placidlyDays in Jefaira can be spent walking placidlyalong its shores, or invested in a myriad of wateractivities. Residences in Jefaira are inspired bythe Mediterranean islands’ architecture, that aimto merge visual aesthetics with their naturalsurroundings.Winding promenades will lace between cool andneutral coloured units and their neat design willprovide the privacy that all residents crave.Living in this Elysian escapade permanently is areality in Jefaira, as the premises provides educationalservices, institutes, specialised medicalservices and medical clinics, community enrichmentfacilities, and business facilities such asconvention centres.The word Jefaira refers to the name given to theactual area " " where the project is located. Itoriginates from the Arabic ‘Jafr’ which means anopen fresh water well that refers to the pure andpristine Mediterranean waters.


Jefaira is fashioned to foster a distinctive communityJefaira is fashioned to foster a distinctive communitythat is bold, vibrant, and driven by challengingthe conventional lifestyle of the city. A communitythat aims to maximise their experience withtheir families within a safe and secure environmentin a town with facilities that are unmatchedin the region and scenery that cannot be met inthe city.Strategically located on the breath-taking MediterraneanNorth Coast, and equipped with a varietyof services and amenities, Jefaira provides anupscale locale to stay in all-year round.


Jefaira’s location is midst a sought after venue onJefaira’s location is midst a sought after venue onthe Mediterranean coast. The project is strategically30 minutes away from Al Alamein InternationalAirport and a two-hour drive away fromthe city of Alexandria, making it quickly accessiblefor motorists on all major roads and forinternational travellers. These proximities make iteasy for all visiting Jefaira, whether for work orplay, to quickly acclimatise to the best that theNorth Coast can offer. Jefaira’s position on theMediterranean coast provides a laid-back experiencethat focuses on cultivating the best qualityof life by providing all your every day needs inparallel with immaculate surroundings. Jefairaoffers more than an easily accessible idyllicescape, it is the ideal life.


Jefaira is situated on the mesmerising MediterraneanJefaira is situated on the mesmerising Mediterraneancoast. Stretched over 5.5 million sqm, 75%of Jefaira is composed of greenery and openspace to ensure that there is enough expanse forall residents to enjoy. The four major parks withinJefaira act as lungs for the entire project, providingevery resident with ample green vistas andengaging facilities embedded within the parks.For students, the Educational Park is available forall scholarly investigations; the Recreational Parkis the venue for thrilling activities; for the moreathletic, the Sports Park provides a suitableexpanse to challenge their routine; meanwhile,the Promenade Linkage Park offers an opportunityfor families to work out on serene joggingtrails, bike paths, alongside nearby playgroundsfor the little ones. The hub of Jefaira’s elegantlydesigned homes is the downtown area where themajority of the food and beverage outlets will beoffered. The commercial, educational, and medicalareas will be located at the heart of theproject, which provides easy access from theexternal road that leads to Alexandria and MarsaMatrouh. Jefaira provides private residencesranging from exclusive family villas, twin houses,breezy chalets, spacious two and three-bedroomcondos and cabins. In Jefaira, there are controlpoints throughout the project to ensure privacyand security between the commercial and residentialareas.


With over 50 offices worldwide, 10 DESIGN is aWith over 50 offices worldwide, 10 DESIGN is amulti-award winning leading international partnershipof architects, urbanists, landscape designers,and CGI specialists.10 DESIGN is a fusion of over 25 nationalities andcultures working together to create venerableproperties worldwide. To date, they have amassedover 30 international awards for their outstandingexecution of exceptional properties.10 DESIGN have worked extensively on projects ofall scales and in all sectors which include corporate,hospitality, retail, education, and residential projects.Their oeuvre includes over 20 internationallandmarks over Asia such as the Bay Valley Scienceand Technology Park in Shanghai and the Al BarariAshjar Park in Dubai which received the Cityscapeaward.With their exclusive repertoire, award winningdesigns, and global presence, INERTIA has collaboratedwith 10 DESIGN to lead the design of Jefaira,a major mega project located in the North Coast,Egypt, overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.