Sea view - North Coast

Between The Shore Village and Coral Hills VillageBetween The Shore Village and Coral Hills VillageThe width of the beach 1000 meters and the depth of the village 1000 metersThe sea campus is 300 meters away
The village is completely built with terraces to ensure a good and direct view of the sea from your chalet and from anywhere in the village

There are 5 terraces from 25 meters to 41 meters80% of the units

Sea view is good and direct view of the sea Percentage of buildings 20%And the rest of the area 80% divided between services and green areas and swimming pools and playgrounds where there are many and varied services in the village of Sea View North Coast to ensure you get everything you need inside the village without the need to get out of the village.

Where you will find everything you want inside the village of: -

Playground area

Aqua park



23 swimming pools

Food court


5 star hotel

Large lake width of 1000 meters

Track for sport and running

A central lake to enjoy the finest meals in the waterAn integrated commercial area where you will have all the needs you need or even think about
You will shop in your comfort, you and your family, and you do not need to leave the village pure righteousness
Ladies poolAs the number of spaces within the village of Sea View and the North Coast to ensure the full comfort of the client and ensure that he has what suits his needs and the need of his family whether the family large or small, you will find the space you need precisely
Where the spaces vary within the village of Sea View North Coast and are divided between
 72 meters and up to 360 meters between chalets and villas and whatever your need you will find inside the village
C-View is the world's latest design with the latest entertainment, especially for you and your family, and to ensure you get the maximum comfort and entertainment, and the complete distance from the daily routines boring and life problems